About Us

IDARS is an international scientific organization that promotes and fosters the research and collaboration of scientists around the world in the area of substances of abuse and addiction. Our focus is to foster research in molecular, cellular and systems biology and includes neuropharmacological, neurobehavioral, neurochemical and neuroanatomical themes.


The purposes of IDARS are scientific, educational and charitable. We strive to promote excellence in:



Advance the understanding of drug abuse, substance abuse and addictions, including the part they play in behaviors of humans and in animal models


Promoting other activities that will contribute to the development of addiction sciences


Integrating drug abuse research directed at all levels of biological organization and its translation to improvement in clinical prevention and treatment efforts


Promoting education in the addiction sciences


Informing the general public on the results and implications of current research in the addiction sciences. 


Bringing together scientists of varying backgrounds and disciplines within the field of drug abuse research. We partner with ADAR who acts as IDARS' official journal. More information is provided on the Newsletters/Journals page.

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We are Non-profit

IDARS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Tax deductible sponsorships & donations are greatly appreciated. 
Submit sponsorships by credit card online.
Donations may be submitted by credit card online, or by check made payable to IDARS (donations listed in memo).
Checks may be mailed to:          

Syed F. Ali
1809 Martha Drive
Little Rock, AR 72212

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