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Joining and Membership Renewal                      

Note:  Process and fees for membership renewal and initial joining are identical.  Please  follow the    steps listed below.  For renewal, submission of curriculum vitae is not required.  

Option 1: Pay by credit card online.  Upon completion, send a copy of your curriculum vitae to the address listed below or email a copy to  List IDARS curriculum vitae in subject line.                

Option 2: Pay by check, made payable to the International Drug Abuse Research Society. Fill out the membership form in Adobe and mail to:                  


Syed F. Ali, Ph.D.

Division of Neurotoxicology, HFT-132

National Center for Toxicological Research

3900 NCTR Road

Jefferson, AR 72079-9502, USA                   

Note: This form has text editable sections (Adobe) to insure legibility.  Please fill out electronically ensure accuracy.  

Categories of Membership

Regular Members ($75.00)

Highly credentialed scientists and other professionals working in the field of substance abuse may be considered for Regular Membership. Selection will be made by the Membership Committee based on the merit of their scientific accomplishments or other accomplishments, including educational efforts, public service, or similar kinds of societal contributions                                   

Students and Post Doctoral Fellow Members ($30.00)

Any post-baccalaureate full-time or part-time student matriculated in an advanced degree program or anyone participating in a post-doctoral training program in any field related to research on problems of drug dependence may be considered for this membership category. Selection will be made by the Membership Committee based on interest in the field. Membership will be re-certified annually and may extend for one full year after the calendar year in which the terminal degree is awarded or the post-doctoral training program is completed.  

Emeritus Members

Upon retirement, any Member of IDARS may apply for Emeritus status. The member requesting such status should address a letter to the Executive Officer, indicating the reason for the request. On occasion, the President, Executive Officer and Membership Committee members may choose to nominate individuals for Emeritus membership. The Executive Officer will forward the letter with his/her recommendation to the Membership Committee. If the Chair of the Membership Committee approves the request, no further action is necessary. Otherwise, the request will be submitted to the full Membership Committee. If Emeritus status is approved, the member will maintain the same privileges and duties as regular members. Emeritus status will be reviewed by the Membership committee every five years. Members with Emeritus or Honorary status will not be assessed annual dues.